A short game made for the One Map Game Challenge over on RMWeb.

 Meet Mana.  

Mana's the new assistant to a Reincarnation God, one of the gods in charge of finding and sending people on isekai adventures.  Unfortunately for Mana, her boss is a bit... lazy.  And that means that she's stuck doing his leftover work, even if it's time to leave!

Can you help Mana send the right people to the worlds that need then?  Or should Mana just duck out as soon as the clock strikes five?

This is a silly game all based around the idea that some of the gods that show up in isekai stories may not be great at their job.  It takes only a few minutes to reach the game's end, but there are different results possible depending on who is sent where so feel free to play through a few times to see them all!


  • Move = Arrow Keys
  • Interact= Spacebar/Z
  • Menu = Escape/X
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsRPG Maker


Reincarnation Assistant (for windows) 79 MB


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Finally! A One Map Game Challenge entry I don't need to download! And woo! Isekai theme! Deep night, so gonna play this tomorrow!


There's multiple possible successful heroes! Nice! Lol when I sent Dante to New Earth forgetting that he came from there.

Interesting how Fantasm's the easiest one to get a Success.

Wow, that Deserves a Bonus message.

And there's multiple possible worlds! Woo! Can't get Earth though?

Typo: Selena: Enemies much larger > much larger

Oh, and if you save before tossing Example-polis's remainder, you can reroll the worlds just by loading. Hmm. OH! No, it auto-saves! That's what Slot 1 is! Oooh.

This concept of gods who reincarnate people in isekai reminds me of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


A nice quickie, I appreciated being able to play it in browser. I enjoyed the various hero/world combinations that one can make and played through it several times to see what happened with who. There were a few surprising combinations that I'd never expect but made sense in hindsight (Ii thought Leo sent to Fantasm or Araenae would fail due to a lack of available technologies, but I should have seen his inventive solutions, for example.) I also appreciated there were multiple possible correct heroes to send to the world.

Thanks for playing! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it, I hope you replayed just to see some of the silly failure results as well. :)


I love how simple the concept and game play is but the thought and details put into each possible ending is what makes this truly a game worth playing. 


I'm happy that you liked the little details, thanks for playing! :)

I'm curious, is this going to be developed into something more or is it just a oneshot type thing? Honestly it would work either way but I'm curious :P


I'd like to make it a full game, but at the moment it's too big for me to do alone.  I need to think about what type of teammates I'll need to make it fun. :)

Well, your prototype inspired me some ideas for a full length plot with your concept if you'd like to make it a full game?


This was a cute and simple game! Wish it was longer, but definitely a beautiful prototype for a fun idea ^^

Thanks for playing! A longer version (with more heroes, more worlds, and more rooms!) is in the works. :)


That was a fun one map game! Very simple but with enough story and background to make it interesting. Really charming work, thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for playing!  I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, even if it is short. :)


Wow, fantasy mediavel world with same-sex marriages! =)

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First thing, thanks for playing my game!

I figured if there are monsters and magic, why not have some other differences?  Anyways, there's no one who would be brave enough to say "no" to the person who defeated the dreaded Demon King. :P

Anyway, it means that Selena is gay (or bisexual), so you probably can add the LGBT tag.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I'll add the LGBT tag.  While Selena is gay, it's such a small part of the game that it's really not worth it since I'm sure people looking through that tag are hoping for more than one sentence.